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Algerian Kabyle

WHERE: Live online + recordings here:
TIME: 7:15-8:30 pm
When:  Wednesdays, 8 weeks beginning April 29.


DESCRIPTION: This class will be broadcast live on zoom and high quality replays will be made available to everyone who is enrolled. This is one of the most fun folkloric dances I’ve ever danced!  It features the non-stop shimmy, so if you’ve always wanted to work on your shimmy, this is the class for you.  The actual moves and staging are satisfyingly understandable, clear and fun.  Wicked fun.  You also get to learn a new dance trick:  spinning a scarf while dancing.  This is also a socially interactive dance.  An absolute highlight of this choreography is the costume.  I have already procured AUTHENTIC Algerian Kabyle dresses (thank you, God) that are to die for.  These are museum quality items that i have never before found anywhere, and the lucky members of this class will be eligible to buy one.  The class is open to any Level 2 student. This will be a very fun, accessible and non-exclusive dance class for all intermediate and advanced dancers.   


LOCATION: Zoom link will be provided


FAQs: See FAQ’s page regarding foul weather, make-up classes and other issues.


WHAT TO BRING/WEAR: SeeFAQ’s page. Gina is ordering zills for $25 for anyone who needs them (April 14).  Let me know.  


COST: $170 in advance by check (please speak with me if you need a payment plan for class). Please postmark check to: Gina Capossela, 2090 Moore Road, South Royalton, VT 05068. Please note that we cannot offer refunds, discounts for missed classes (although we encourage make-ups at other locations), transfers of registration/credit to other students, or refunds due to weather rescheduling.


OTHER QUESTIONS: Don’t hesitate to email me with any other questions at or call me 802-282-2149. If I’m not available to take your call, please let me when and where is a good time to reach you.

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