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Enrollment Terms for Beginner Belly Dance with Gina

I  understand that I am enrolling in Beginner Belly Dance with Gina.  My options are to register in one, two or three classes per week for a total of 8, 16 or 24 classes per semester, respectively.  These classes can be attended through any combination of number of weeks (up to 8) and days of the week (up to 3 for Winter 2021).  For example, I can buy 8 classes and attend 2 classes per week for only 4 weeks of the 8 weeks in the semester.  Or, I can register for Tuesday classes but attend any day of the week that works for me.  I can skip weeks.  I can double up with classes on some weeks either before or after I have been absent.  I understand that I will receive Quick Start video access on the first day of class.  Classes for Winter and Spring of 2021 will be live online.   I will also receive links to class videos each week.  The Quick Start and individual class videos (when Gina is teaching live), music and choreography notes will be viewable for as long as I am enrolled in Beginner classes with Gina.  


Billing: I give my permission to have my credit or debit card securely and automatically debited a total of two times, once per month, through Paypal.  I understand that it is not necessary to have a Paypal account.  The first set of 8 classes per semester is debited at $79 per month.  The second (and third) set of 8 classes per semester will be billed on the same time table at $49 per month which represents a savings of 38% off the price of the first class per week. 


I understand that there are no refunds, transfers of registration to self or others or discounts on future classes due to class absences for any reason.  Classes rescheduled by the instructor due to instructor illness or weather are also non-refundable and non-transferable.  Make-up classes before or after absences are encouraged.  


Cancellation: Since the first class is risk-free, payments may not be cancelled and there are no refunds. 

By clicking on any of the links below I am agreeing to the above terms.  I will be able to register by credit or debit card on the next web page.  




NEW STUDENT: Tuesday, 7:15

NEW STUDENT: Thursday, 5:45

NEW STUDENT: Saturday, 10:30 am

NEW STUDENT: Two Classes Per Week

NEW STUDENT: Three Classes Per Week


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