Mejance, Spring 2023

WHERE: Hanover Rec Center and live streamed + recorded on Zoom.  
WHEN: Thursdays, 7:15-8:15/8:30
DATES: April 6 - June 1 (no class May 25 and one snow day, dates TBA)

DESCRIPTION: This will be a very challenging, interesting and dramatic upper level class.  Mejance is an Egyptian dance term.   The mejanse is a dancer’s opening piece, often referred to as the dancer’s “calling card”.  It gives a sneak peek of her show, or at least her style. Students will learn about what Mejanse is and how it fits into a dancer’s show.  The class will also produce a choreography to open show 2023.  Our choreography will be set to an orchestral Egyptian composition and will include veil and saidi sections, as well as many rhythmic changes.  This particular piece of music is melodious to both the eastern and western ear.  Drama cannot be emphasized enough for this class.  This choreography is certain to make a stunning first impression on our showgoers. 


PLEASE NOTE: All classes above beginner level require instructor permission (by email).


LOCATION: Zoom link will be provided


FAQs: See FAQ’s page regarding foul weather, make-up classes and other issues.




COST: Three monthly payments of $75 each via Paypal due by Friday, March 24, (pay once and Paypal will debit you at one month intervals for April, May and June).  Late registrations go up to $85/month.  If the class does not meet the minimum enrollment number, students may be offered a different price option.  Please note that we cannot offer refunds, discounts for missed classes (although we encourage make-ups at other locations), transfers of registration/credit to other students, or refunds due to weather rescheduling.  


OTHER QUESTIONS: Don’t hesitate to email me with any other questions at or call me 802-282-2149. If I’m not available to take your call, please let me know when and where is a good time to reach you.


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