Nubian Dance, Spring 2023

WHERE: Hanover Rec Center.  Live online + recordings here:
Wednesdays, April 5 - May 31 (no class May 24 + one snow day, dates TBA)


DESCRIPTION: This will be the class you wish you had taken!  Nubia describes an area covering southern Egypt and northern Sudan.  This class is for ANYONE (intermediate, advanced or extremely ambitious beginner).  Nubian dance is pure joy.  It is not Belly Dance, but it is Middle Eastern dance.  Nubian dance has a loose folkloric style that relies more on energy, style and attitude than …. Exactitude.  I dare you to dance the Nubian style and not grin like crazy the whole time!  Anyone who loves Bandari would love Nubian style, BUT ITS EASIER than Bandari!  Think fun song, easy  moves, boppin’ around, totally new style, and satisfying choreography.  For those who are looking for their “easier piece for the show that makes you totally happy” ….. this is your ticket.  This will be an original Gina choreography (not Reda’s Nubian piece.)  The topic won’t be offered again for over 5 years. 


LOCATION: Zoom link will be provided


FAQs: See FAQ’s page regarding foul weather, make-up classes and other issues.




COST: $65 per month for three months beginning the day you register. The registration deadline is Friday, March 24, after which time the price goes up to $75 per month.   Class has a minimum enrollment of 10 students.  If the class does not meet the minimum enrollment number, students will be offered a different price option.   Please note that we cannot offer refunds, discounts for missed classes (although we encourage make-ups at other locations), transfers of registration/credit to other students, or refunds due to instructor illness, weather rescheduling or power outages.


OTHER QUESTIONS: Don’t hesitate to email me with any other questions at or call me 802-282-2149. If I’m not available to take your call, please let me when and where is a good time to reach you.

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