Bandari "202", Winter 2021

WHERE: Live online + recordings here:
TIME: 6:00-7:00
When:  Wednesdays, January 13 - March 3 (no regular class Feb 17, but there will be peer rehearsals of 2020 Show choreographies this week)


DESCRIPTION: This class will be broadcast live online and high quality replays will be made available to everyone who is enrolled.  Bandari is one of the most fun folkloric dances I’ve ever danced!  I've been addicted to it since the moment I was introduced to it.  Bandari is the type of dance that could cure anything, most especially the "winter blahs."   Why is this?  Many reasons!  1.) It is high energy so it burns calories and creates endorphins (but it's not hard/dangerous like Bhangra, so don't worry), 2.) its highly upbeat with really fun, relatable music, 3.) its super social (you can laugh while dancing - its OK), and 4.) its not "picky" meaning that everyone feels like a really good dancer when dancing Bandari, and who can't use a little ego boost this winter?  The moves and staging are satisfyingly understandable, clear and fun.  Wicked fun. You might be wondering why this class is "202" and does that mean you can't take it if you haven't done "101"?   First off, anyone can take this class. If you have NOT ever taken Bandari, its a form of southern Persian dance that is perhaps best described as a bouncy cross between Belly Dance and sub-Saharan African dance.   It is not danced in skimpy outfits, but is very covered, colorful and festive.    And yes, I've received some additional training from Helia Bandeh (she is a Persian dance teacher) and have some cool new moves and deeper nuances to add to what we've studied in the past.   This will be a very fun, accessible and non-exclusive dance class open to any intermediate or advanced dancers.   


LOCATION: Zoom link will be provided


FAQs: See FAQ’s page regarding foul weather, make-up classes and other issues.




COST: $60 per month for three months beginning the day you register. The registration deadline is Friday January 8, after which time the price goes up to $70 per month.  Please note that we cannot offer refunds, discounts for missed classes (although we encourage make-ups at other locations), transfers of registration/credit to other students, or refunds due to instructor illness, weather rescheduling or power outages.


OTHER QUESTIONS: Don’t hesitate to email me with any other questions at or call me 802-282-2149. If I’m not available to take your call, please let me when and where is a good time to reach you.

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