Mahmoud Reda's Raqs Sharki Choreography, Winter 2021

WHERE: Live online + recordings here:
TIME: 7:15-8:15
When:  Wednesdays, January 13 - March 3 (no regular class Feb 17, but there will be peer rehearsals).


DESCRIPTION: I am a huge Mahmoud Reda fan.  He is probably the most prolific choreographer that Egypt has ever had, and his folkloric and theatrical styles of dance are iconic in the world.  This past July, Mahmoud, who I had studied with many times in both the US and Egypt, passed away after a nearly 70 year career in dance.  This is a huge loss for all of us, and it bothers me to think of the world without his genius.  The only good news is that Mahmoud left a treasure trove of work for us and he specifically said, "The whole world is my dance troupe (just do it right, OK?)"  While Mahmoud Reda is most known for his folkloric dances, he created scores that are not folkloric in nature.  This class offers the opportunity to study Reda's style of Raqs Sharki.  It's quite different than ooey-gooey Belly Dance, and this is a difference that you should be familiar with.  I will always love Mahmoud for his choreographies as they are some of the first Egyptian choreographies that ever made me feel beautful and like "a good dancer."  Mahmoud focused on a certain energy, clarity of movement, lyricism and .... he loved Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  His choreographies are both eastern and western influenced, and this one will make you feel like a good dancer too.  This class is open to any intermediate or advanced dancer.   For the advanced dancers I will want you to embody the dance personality of Mahmoud's troupe.  We will all have many videos to study online in order to embody his unique choreographic vision and style.  


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